What is a padsicle and are they necessary? Plus – how to make yours at home.

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a hand spraying a maxi pad to create a padsicle on a burnt orange background

When I had my first baby, I had no idea what a padsicle was. Now I'm the owner of some less than fond memories of squatting over my bed while trying to use an ice pack, wrapped in a towel so it wouldn't stick to my skin, as I dealt with swelling that was somehow worse than I expected.

Fast forward 20 months and I had five beautiful padsicles already made and sitting in my freezer. When I went into labour one week early, we didn't even have the bassinet put together. But my padsicle game? It. Was. On.

So, what is a padsicle?

A padsicle is a thick pad that has been soaked and then chilled in the freezer, and is designed to help with postpartum recovery.

After a vaginal delivery, you place them in your underwear to help promote healing and reduce pain. 

It also matters what you spray on a padsicle -- water is not enough! You do need witch hazel, and you want to to make sure you use one that is alcohol-free. Those are the basics, and from there you can choose to add various herbs that promote healing.

In addition to alcohol-free witch hazel, our Perineal Spray is infused with soothing lavender and chamomile floral water.

Are padsicles necessary? Do they really work?

From the bottom of our hearts we believe they are a game changing postpartum hack that every single pregnant person should know about. As you saw with personal my story above, they were an absolute game changer for me.

They are a completely safe way to help alleviate the pain, discomfort and swelling you will likely experience after vaginal birth. And the best part is that, as long as you use high quality ingredients, a homemade padsicle is as good as any pricey version on the market.

How do you make a padsicle?

It's honestly so easy there's hardly a recipe involved – so we won't preamble about how we made padsicles in the rolling fields of Provence with our charming Airbnb hosts.

Nah, it's simpler than that.

The basics: make sure you have clean hands, grab extra absorbent pads, and just as many zip lock bags. Soak your maxi pad with alcohol-free witch hazel (The alcohol-free part matters. A lot).

You could stop there and be well taken care of. But there are benefits to adding certain healing herbs and essential oils. We like chamomile and lavender floral water for their healing, soothing and relaxing benefits, plus they smell great.

Once your pads are well-soaked, fold them and place them into the zip-lock bag. Squeeze the air our and place it into the freezer.

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