Free Pregnancy Resources

Welcome to our library of free downloadable e-guides. These beautiful and easy-to-read guides are designed to help you as navigate pregnancy and plan for the fourth trimester.

Free Pregnancy Resources

Our library of free downloads and checklists to help you in pregnancy and postpartum. We've got your back.

First Trimester Free e-Guide

You're pregnant! Now what?

Your first 5 steps after the line turns blue

Finding out you're pregnant is so exciting! But it's followed closely by kind of a weird period. You may not be ready to share the news with many people and you probably don't have a care provider yet.

We put this guide together for the newly pregnant person who wants some guidance and support in these early days and weeks.

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Second Trimester Free e-Guide

Second Trimester: Part Deux

5 things you need to know in your second trimester.

Second trimester is where it starts to really feel real... Care appointments may be ramping up and there are suddenly lots of decisions to make.

This guide walks you through some of the key questions you're going to be asking as you enter the golden trimester. (It's called that because it's actually kind of lovely!)

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Third Trimester Free e-Guide

Postpartum Hacks

The 5 need-to-knows to get through those first days

You're finally here in the third trimester! And it becomes so largely about looking forward: nursery set up, getting all the gear, your birth plan...

Yet we often don't prepare for our own well-being as we enter the fourth trimester. This quick guide walks you through the 5 things you have to know about postpartum self care.

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